Heather George

Hello World!  

In April 2015, I had a "ah-ha!" moment. It sounds extremely corny, but that moment completely changed my life in both a personal and professional way. 

I've lost 115+ pounds and developed a healthy lifestyle evolving around hiking, weight lifting, and rock climbing. I had goals I wanted to achieve for my health and I've crushed every single one. 

That same goal driven mindset has also taken hold in my professional development. My first goal was to develop the skills to change my career. I'm currently enrolled in a User Experience Certificate program with The School of Visual Concepts. This program is taught by current industry professionals that are teaching the principles, best practices, processes and tools of user experience. I will be completing my certificate in June 2017.   

I am currently seeking a user experience position where I can turn observational or other data into creative solutions under the mentorship of senior designers. Check out my portfolio. Like what you see? Great give me a call! Have some constructive criticism? Perfect! Also get in touch and let me know. 🙂 

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