AIGA Seattle HIVE 2017 Identity & Multimedia Design

HIVE is AIGA Seattle’s biennial design conference that focuses on addressing the evolving landscape of the design field.

AIGA Seattle’s goal was to rebrand the HIVE conference to better reflect the more human-centered, experience-based profession it is today.

Director of Special Events, Krista Serianni 

Design Lead, Alice Wicks 

Designer, Heather George

DesignerMiriam Copeland

Designer, Azima M

DesignerKatie Greff

Identity Ideation

Logo Ideation

Graphic Design

Motion Design


Identity Ideation 

Within the introduction email to volunteer on the HIVE Design Committee was a note that the rebranding was to be in line with AIGA Seattle’s overall goal to promote diversion, inclusion, and accessibility in design.

Before our first brainstorming session, I did an idea generation exercise that I learn from my Data Driven Design Sprint to think of creative ways to represent diversion, inclusion, and accessibility.

I gave myself 1 minute each to image all the ways to describe each word. It didn’t matter how silly it was. I wrote it down.

Afterwards, I starred key words that I thought were worth exploring and gave myself a couple of minutes to make rough sketches of what comes to mind when I think about those key words.

During the brainstorming session, a similar exercise was done with word generation to better define our goal and how we would achieve it.

The word “intent” struck a chord because we all agreed it encompassed the current design field. Our users (the designers from all disciplines attending the conference) all design with intent using various design techniques to solve problems.

“Proceed with Intent” became our leading concept.

Our user goal for the conference was to make them feel:

  • Inspired
  • Energized
  • Motivated to do good

Our goal for the brand was to have it look:

  • Simple & clean
  • Sophisticated
  • Timeless
  • Human

Special note that we also wanted the brand to have a liquid identity.

After the brainstorming session, we collaborated on a Pinterest mood board to give visuals of our goals. What color convey the feeling of being inspired? What type is timeless? What typographic effects will convey the human element? These types of questions are what I asked myself as I contributed to the mood board.

The final collaborative mood board beautiful represented our user and brand goals.


photo credit, Alice Wicks

Logo Ideation

My approach to sketching logo ideations was simple. Sketch anything that comes to mind involving the brand goal. Of course, with a name like Hive, it was next to impossible to avoid drawing a “hive.” However, I still choose to sketch it in order to remove it from my brain and force myself to open up to more creative solutions.

A triangle/arrow theme came up frequently in my sketches. The idea behind them was to show a movement forward in design that would embody the feeling of motivating, inspiring, and energizing designers.

After the sketching phase, I went back and did a self-critique and what I thought was working and not working with the different sketches and choose the top 3 to present to the committee.

During the committee critique, the triangle/arrow ideation received positive critique that it was an interesting direction (pun intended). Next step would be further expansion on this ideation in the form of t-shirt mock ups

The challenge now was how to creatively merge the type and triangle/arrow concept.

My solution was a triangle outline pushing the type up to represent the arrow.

Critique for each team members mockup happened over Slack. My triangle should of been centered was the overall feedback I received from the team.

After we wrapped up the critique, we collectively decided we would move forward with the logo the Design Lead, Alice Wicks, had designed.


Graphic Design

With the logo and brand guidelines established, I took on designing the conference brochure and the speaker slides.

This served as a great opportunity to learn something new in Illustrator: Glitch Type.



During one of the early brainstorming sessions, the idea was thrown out there of the glitch type gif that could be played during breaks at the conference.

I jumped at the chance to open up After Effects and learn how to do make it happen!

My approach was to create an effect that would be subtle at first and then build before finally going wild. The idea being that it just takes one designer to create a spiral effect for disrupt from the norm.

Break Glitch GifBreak Glitch Gif