Data Driven Design Sprint - Agile UX Design

The Data Driven Design Sprint was a one-day workshop focused on learning and practicing design decision-making based on real customer data.

This 6 hour long workshop was hosted by SVC and taught by Surya Vanka and Bob Graf.

The goal at the end of the workshop was to have an app concept that would help plan an interaction between two people.

User interviewing



A/B Testing


10. Final Canvas10. Final Canvas

User Interview

My team’s first step was to conduct user research via user interviewing.

Our approach was to ask questions that would inform us of the context that the user would using this app and what their user goals are.

Data collected from the user interview translated into a persona that would guide the design of the app. We were designing for this user. Our goal was to solve their problem. 

Our persona was named Kristy. She was a social busy grandma that needed a way to plan an interaction with her grandson. 

My team collaborated on the different opportunities and challenges of the design problem.

We referred back often to our persona and user data to ensure that any design goals for the app would indeed by solving the user problem.

With our design goal establish, we moved on to idea generation to start to give our goal shape.

The idea generation exercise lead my team to creative concepts that could solve our user problem.

A/B Testing


In order to validate that my team's concept, we conducted an A/B Test. We sketched two different screens that were based on our concept.

We had the user walk through the interface telling us what they thought the interface would react and what different elements meant to them.



In order to present our design concept, my team drew a storyboard. It reflected the daily life of our user and how to app would fit in help plan an interaction between her and her grandson.